for Ukraine

Translators for Ukraine is an initiative of the Polish translators' and interpreters' organisations:

List of available translators

As a first step, we started a public list of volunteer interpreters and translators where anyone who was in need of such services can find the right professional help. The list of available interpreters and translators can still be viewed at
Professionals wanting to volunteer can register on the list.

On the project website, one can also find professionally prepared bilingual documents free of charge. This way, the small group of Ukrainian and Russian translators in Poland are relieved from translating standard documents and can focus on jobs that need their specialised attention.

Also, we are moderating the Facebook group "Tłumacze dla Ukrainy" to link needs to possibilities and find more structural solutions.

Matching programme 

Together with the Ukrainian Association of Translators and Interpreters,  PT TEPIS also initiated a matching programme to help our Ukrainian colleagues. We invite translators and interpreters all over the world to give them support and guidance to find a new home and work. 

Support for volunteer interpreters and translators

In March 2022, we organized a  small coordination centre for volunteer interpreters in Zamość in the Polish Province of Lubelskie. We sent out interpreters to the reception points for refugees in the area to support the volunteers already working there. As volunteers were increasingly running out of energy, we did our best  organize shifts of interpreters.  Fundacja Lapigua raised funds to provide support for interpreters in the border region to cover at least the costs of their transport and/or accommodation.