and donors

Partners and donors

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in February 2022 we have received financial support of many friends and institutions.
We want to thank you all for the small and big donations we have received!
Special thanks to:

and all those private donators, whose names we cannot publish.

We also have the honour to cooperate with many organizations:

A huge thank you to the uncountable volunteers, whom we have met on our way. Without you we would never have gotten this far!!


Project "Błonie helps culinaryli" - Grant program "Aktywna Lubelszczyzna"

For this project, the Lapigua Foundation is acting as patron for the grassroots initiative "Blonie 4 Dispensing Point for People in Refugee Crisis". The project includes:

The grant was awarded by the Stowarzyszenie Czajnia as part of the "Active Lublin Region" program in cooperation with the Volunteer Center in Lublin, financed by the National Institute of Freedom NIW within the framework of the Civic Initiatives Fund for 2021-2030

Grant: 5.500 PLN

Project duration: June-Octobre 2023

Project "Urgent renovation of the bathroom in the Community Centre "Błonie" - Grant program "PROO5 - Pomoc doraźna"

Within the framework of the project, we carried out an urgent renovation of the bathroom in the newly established Center for Initiatives "Blonie" in Zamość at Sienkiewicza Street. The renovation was financed by funds from the National Institute of Freedom - Center for Civil Society Development under the PROO program.

Grant: 10.000 PLN

Project duration: July 2023

Project "My z Wami, Wy z nami - Together at the Community Centre"Błonie"" - Grant program "Odpowiedzialni społecznie" 

The grant for the project was awarded by Fundacja Totalizatora Sportowego

The purpose of the project is:

Grant: 30.000 PLN

Project duration: September 2023  - February 2024