How to make a donation

A donation is the best way to support our activities. It allows us to buy the necessary humanitarian aid according to the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

You can donate directly on our bank account, through PayPal or through WhyDonate.

Payment through Paypal

Payment on our bank account: 

PKO Bank Polski S.A.
Support Center

PLN: PL51 1020 5356 0000 1102 0231 5778
EUR: PL98 1020 5356 0000 1702 0231 5802
USD: PL53 1020 5356 0000 1702 0231 5836

Tłumacze dla Ukrainy / Translators for Ukraine

PLN: PL58 1020 5356 0000 1802 0231 5794

If you donate for a specific cause or specific group of people as agreed with the Foundation, please indicate this in your transfer.

Tax deductable donations 

If you want to deduct your donation to Fundacja Lapigua from your taxes, please check this statement or ask for a personalized certificate for tax purposes.

Public collection of humanitarian aid

We have a registered public collection, which allows us to  officially collect donations in a collection box during different kind of public activities and fundraising actions. This collection is officially registered on the governmental website