The center of our activities is located in the town of Zamość in Poland about 50 km from the Ukrainian border. At the beginning of the war we operated a transit dormitory for Ukrainian refugees in Łapiguz. As the needs for support change, we adapt our activities. At the moment we cooperate with several groups of volunteers and help to organize the collection and transport of humanitarian goods into Ukraine.

We also support local initiatives to help Ukrainian refugees, such as the Community Center Błonie.

We regularly post updates about our projects on our Facebook group "Lapigua" and fanpage "Fundacja Lapigua - Lapigua Foundation".

Running projects

Humanitarian aid

We invite you to support our activities, both financially as in kind. 

Among others, we are collecting the following aid good:

All donations are distributed directly to people in need and trusted aid partners and organisations.

The collection is officially registered on the website of the Polish government under number 2023/388/OR.

Błonie Support Center for People in Refugee Crisis and Community Center 

Fundacja Lapigua supports the local center Błonie4 Punkt Wydawania Pomocy Osobom w Kryzysie Uchodźczym in Zamość.
The center supplies them with food packages, hygienic products and clothing.

Lapigua offers both financial support and support in kind.

Since the spring of 2023 the center is located in the premises at ul. Sienkiewicza 3 in Zamość, which Fundacja FreeLING leases from the Town of Zamość. The center has grown into a  real Community Center, where we organize various integration activities. You can read more about the Center on the dedicated website

Health Patrons

We have been supporting the project "Health Patrons" since it's very beginning and have seen it grow into a solid non-governmental organization.

We have financed the medical treatment of several patients and the purchase of a robotic hand for the rehab center REART and will continue our support.

Camps for children from war zones

Since summer 2022 we have been cooperating with Children Camp Edelweis and the Ukrainian charity Fund BT Travers to finance summer camps for children affected by the war in their country.

At Rancho Edelweis, the children find a safe place, where they can forget the war and be children again. 

Thanks to our donators both in 2022 and in 2023 we sponsored camps for several groups.

Medical equipment and hygienic sets

There is always a high need for medical supplies. Whenever we receive this type of aid, we assess where best to deliver so it can be used most effectively.

For some time now we have been supplying volunteers and ngo's with hygienic sets, containing basis hygiene products for war victims in hospitals.

We also offer regular support for the Psychiatric Hospital in Lutsk, which has to cope with a chronic lack of beds and supplies for an excess of patients. The hospital helps both civilians and military. 

Previous projects

Transit dormitory in Łapiguz - March-April 2022

From the end of February till the end of April we operated a transit dormitory for mothers with infants and small children at the Ambrozja Wedding House in Zamość.

Thanks to the help of the wonderful owners, Elżbieta and Janusz Sereda, we could accommodate about 300 people and provide them with a comfortable transient stay. Ysing our broad network of contacts all over the continent, we helped many of them to find a permanent place to stay in Poland or other European countriesand to get there.

We provided:

Information about the dormitory is also available in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish on the website

Logistic support

In 2022 we have offered logistic support for individuals and organisations wanting to transport humanitarian goods and equipment into Ukraine. We used a broad network of contacts in Ukraine to get the goods to the right places and people.
We put part of the warehouse of the company HARS in Hrubieszów and storage capacity in Zamość at your disposal. We still support volunteers and small ngo to collect and dispatch humanitarian aid.

Easter dinner - spring 2022

On Sunday, April 24th, we organized an eastern dinner for Ukrainian refugees, host families and volunteers from the region of Zamość.  The dinner was held at the dormitory in Dom Weselny Ambrozja, Sitaniec/Łapiguz 475.

We prepared Ukrainian borszcz and our guest brought cakes and salad and we had a wonderful time chatting and exchanging experiences.

Safe water for Ukraine - May-December 2022

Provide access to clean drinking water. That was the goal of the project “Safe water for UA”. 

The project is an initiative of the Ukrainian organization Turistitchne Tovaristvo Karpatski Stezky, the Polish ngo Lapigua Foundation and the Polish company Green Deal, the official distributor of water purification products JAVEL in Poland. 

These three organizations have already cooperated to dispatch supplies of water purification tablets and water filters to hospitals, refugee centers and military units in Ukraine. As the need is high, they decided to give more structure to the initiative and start the project “Safe water for UA”.

All raised funds were used to buy water cleaning tablets and equipment at discount prices, offered by Green Deal and its partners. All goods were delivered by volunteers of Turistitchne Tovaristvo Karpatski Stezky to both civilian and military facilities in Ukraine. Lapigua Foundation offers organizational and financial support for the project. 

Polish-Ukrainian Picknick - 16 July 2022

On Saturday, 16 July we organized a Polish-Ukrainian Picknick with

We had a wonderful time!!!

Fundraising concerts - July-August 2022 - Belgium

In July and August we organizad three fundraising concerts in Belgium, that were a real succes. 

We would like to thank everybody who joined in the organization of the concerts for their efforts, and especially to the Octet Ensemble and the Ensemble Jedutun. 

We also thank all guests and music lovers who attended the concerts and gave so many generous gifts for our projects.

Polish-Ukrainian Picknick - 27 August 2022

On Saturday, 27 August we organized a Polish-Ukrainian Picknick with

We had a wonderful time!!!

A candle for Ukraine - Autumn 2022

Late 2022, we collected candles for Ukraina together with our partners:

Partners of the project

A little bit of light and hope in this dark times.

Christmas Fair in Zamość - 3-4 December 2022

On the third and fourth of December the Association Lokalnie i Globalnie and Lapigua Foundation organized a charity stand at the Christmas Fair in Zamość, to raise money for support for Ukraine. We sold wonderful christmas decorations that were delivered by Polish and Ukrainian volunteers.
Thanks to everyone who helped us to fill the stand with so many beautiful, hand-crafted wonders.

Fruit trees and shrubs for the Chernihov - spring 2023

Thanks to our network of volunteers we delivered almost 100 fruit trees and shrubs to 24 families in the Chernihov region.

The trees and shrubs will replace the orchards that were destroyed as a result of the war fare in the region.

Dental treatment for handicapped children - spring 2023

Thanks to our generous sponsor we can finance dental treatment for the handicapped children of a Ukrainian orphanage living in the resort Sanatorium im. Janusza Korczaka in Krasnobród.

Charity Fairs in Zamość  - 2023

In 2023  the Association Lokalnie i Globalnie and Lapigua Foundation organized several charity stands to raise money for support for Ukraine:

We sold wonderful handmade decorations that were delivered by Polish and Ukrainian volunteers.

Painting workshop and charity fair in Belgium - July 2023

On Saturday, 22th of July, we organized a charity fair combined with an artistic workshop for painting traditional Ukrainian wooden figures in Yavoriv-style. Regardless of the windy weather, many little artists visited our stand.

Integration and culinary workshop - 31 August 2023

On Thursday 31 of August we organized a Polish-Ukrainian integration meeting on the premises of the Wedding Hall Ambrozja.

The children had lots of fun with games and arts & crafts and of course we fried sausages on the bonfire.

At the same time we organized our first culinary workshop "Sun in a jar" in the kitchen of the wedding hal. We prepared preservers for winter with traditional Polish and Ukranian recipes. This way we also produced supplies for the Support Center Błonie 4, where we distribute food packages for the most needed.

The culinary workshop was part of our project "Błonie helps in a culinary way", financed by the National Freedom Institute - Centrum for the Development of Civil Society.