About Lapigua

Who is Lapigua? 

We are people like you. People who want to help!

Fundacja Lapigua - the Lapigua Foundation was founded by Stefanie Bogaerts and Radek Hojda. Stefanie is a professional translator and her husband, Radek, is the general manager of a family-owned trade company. They live with their four children in Zamość, Poland, about 50 km from the Ukrainian border. Radek has many friends and business partners in Ukraine, so as soon as the war in Ukraine started, they decided to open their house to refugees. But they didn’t stop there ...

This is how Fundacja Lapigua was founded. We are an officially registered non-profit organisation thats helps the Ukrainian people, both refugees in Poland and people in need in Ukraine.

How do we help Ukraine?

How can you help?

The best way to help is by donating. Even the smallest amount will help us to support projects and answer requests for specific humanitarian goods. 

Of course you can also donate goods, but please keep in mind that the transport of aid goods over long distances sometimes costs more then the goods are worth. Often, the most economic way is to buy all necessary aid with delivery as close to Ukraine as possible, or even buy the aid in Ukraine itself.

This is for example how we arranged for the purchase of fruit trees to replace trees burnt during Russian attacks in the area of Tchernichov:

This way, we not only support people in need, but also support the Ukrainian economy. 

Please remember that Fundacja Lapigua is registered as a non-profit organisation that can officially collect donations. You can find all our financial details here.

How will we use your donation?

The money we raise is mainly spent on:

Please check out our running and past projects to know more.

Statutary Goals

The statutory goals of the Foundation Lapigua are to:

The Foundation pursues its objectives, among others, through:

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